The NPCA offers a variety of training opportunities in Logic-Based Therapy (LBT) via its affiliate the Institute of Critical Thinking. LBT is a leading modality of ‘philosophical practice’ or ‘philosophical counseling.’  Like psychological practice, philosophical practice aims at helping clients address their behavioral and emotional problems.  In contrast, its practitioners typically stress philosophical methods and theories above mainstream psychological ones.  LBT is an offspring of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) developed by psychologist Albert Ellis in the 1950’s.  To learn more about LBT and its relation to REBT see: LBT: The New Philosophical Frontier for REBT.

The Institute of Critical Thinking, a subsidiary of Trace-Wilco Publishers, Inc., was founded in 1985 by Elliot D. Cohen with the mission of further integrating logic and philosophy into REBT.  Originally, its primary activities were clinical research and publication.  In 1992, it joined with NPCA, an affiliate of the American Philosophical Association (APA), and its clinical findings have since been presented at the annual Eastern meetings of the NPCA.  In 2005, it announced plans to begin a certificate program in Logic-Based Therapy (LBT), the product of over two decades of research and development.

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