Call for Papers

*SPEAKER PANEL COMPLETE – PLEASE SEE THE APA CONFERENCE MEETING PROGRAM FOR DETAILS*  The National Philosophical Counseling Association is seeking papers, panel proposals, and commentators on a topic relevant to philosophy and counseling for its meetings that will be held in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Meeting, in Philadelphia, PA, December 27-30, 2014. Proposals for other types of presentations are also welcome! Papers presented at the NPCA meetings have the opportunity of being peer-reviewed for publication in the International Journal of Philosophical Practice.

Submission Information
Papers should equate to approximately 25 minutes of reading time. Please submit paper abstracts (of at least 100 words) or panel proposals to the NPCA Eastern Division Coordinator, James Stacey Taylor, via e-mail or snail mail at the address below by May 23, 2014. Persons who wish to serve as commentators should also contact Dr. Taylor.

James Stacey Taylor
Department of Philosophy
The College of New Jersey
2000 Pennington Road
Ewing, NJ 08628