Featured Journals

This page features some additional journals that may be of interest to philosophical counselors and practitioners.

International Journal of Applied PhilosophyThe International Journal of Applied Philosophy publishes articles in a wide range of areas of applied philosophy, including philosophical counseling.

Practical Philosophy: Journal of the Society for Philosophy in Practice – The Society for Philosophy in Practice (SPP) produces a journal, Practical Philosophy, two times a year to provide a forum for discussion on all aspects of philosophy in practice. It includes refereed papers on philosophical counseling, Socratic Dialogue and Philosophy for Children, as well as other aspects of practical philosophy, which are a serious contribution to the study of practical philosophy. Practical Philosophy also features shorter articles and details courses and events.

Philosophical PsychologyPhilosophical Psychology is an international journal devoted to developing and strengthening the links between philosophy and the psychological sciences, both as basic sciences and as employed in applied settings, by publishing original, peer-refereed contributions to this expanding field of study and research.

Published articles deal with issues that arise in the cognitive and brain sciences, and in areas of applied psychology. Emphasis is placed on articles concerned with cognitive and perceptual processes, models of psychological processing, including neural network and dynamical systems models, and relations between psychological theories and accounts of neural underpinnings or environmental context. The journal also publishes theoretical articles concerned with the nature and history of psychology, the philosophy of science as applied to psychology, and explorations of the underlying issues theoretical and ethical in contemporary educational, clinical, occupational and health psychology.

As well as psychologists and philosophers, the journal’s readers and contributors include neuroscientists, linguistics, computer scientists, biologists, and sociologists reporting experimental, theoretical, and clinical work which relates to underlying philosophical interests.

Abstracting Information: Philosophical Psychology is indexed in Current Contents/Social & Behavioural Sciences, e-psyche, Psychological Abstracts/Psyc INFO/Psyc LIT, Research Alert, Sociological Abstracts, Social Sciences Citation Index and Social SciSearch