The International Journal of Philosophical Practice is the official journal of the National Philosophical Counseling Association.  Philosophical practice refers to the application of philosophical theories, skills, and methods in a myriad of professional and work contexts. It includes but is not restricted to philosophical counseling, ethics consultation, and the nonacademic deployment of philosophical training in diverse professional areas such as law, medicine, business, mental health, journalism, natural science, computer science, politics, and religion. IJPP publishes articles of high quality that contribute to an improved understanding of the nature and value of philosophical practice in its diverse forms.

The journal publishes theoretical as well as descriptive and empirical articles and case studies falling within its purview. It also publishes book reviews of recent books that raise issues and problems of philosophical practice as well as notes and news relating to philosophical practice.  The IJPP has a standing call for papers on any subject related to philosophical practice.  For more information click here.

Some general topics of interest include:

  • The nature of philosophical counseling
  • The relationship between psychological and philosophical counseling
  • The certification and licensure of philosophical practitioners
  • Training and curriculum issues in philosophical practice
  • The role of logic and critical thinking in philosophical practice
  • Ethical issues in philosophical practice
  • Ethics consultation in medicine, law, business, the environment, and related fields
  • The role of philosophers on institutional ethics committees
  • Philosophers as political consultants and policy analysts
  • The value of an undergraduate major in philosophy
  • Philosophers as administrators
  • Philosophers as software developers and information technologists

In order to provide the widest circulation of the contributions of IJPP to philosophical practice, the National Philosophical Counseling Association (NPCA) will continue its policy of making available free of charge all articles published in the Journal. Visitors can now freely access journal articles simply by clicking on the Table of Contents (in the navigation bar on the right) and then selecting the volume/issue they wish to view. Copies of the articles may be downloaded, distributed and used for scholarly and professional purposes but may not be sold without the express permission of the Editors.  The IJPP began publishing new articles in 2015 after not published new issues in some time.

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