Albert Ellis Tribute Series


The Albert Ellis Tribute Series was started to honor the life and work of Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) and one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th and early 21st century.

The General Editors invite books that help advance the principles and practices that Albert Ellis promoted.  We will consider rationally-oriented text books, books of readings, and psychology self-help books for this series. The Albert Ellis Tribute Series will give preferential treatment to books written in 2008 and later by Albert Ellis’ friends and colleagues who supported him in his darkest days.  If you have a new book in press, please let us know.

If you are a REBT trained writer with a new book idea, senior fellows in REBT and REBT-oriented thinkers and editors may provide conceptual and organizational assistance with the book and in preparing proposals. This free service will depend on their time, availability, and interest in the topic. Preferences are given to those with book contracts.

Different publishers have different publication plans and strengths. Because of our ability to use the internet to promote tribute series books, we are in a unique position to draw published works from different publication houses.  We believe this diversity enriches the series.

The following four publishers are receptive to publishing Albert Ellis Tribute Series books. They are endorsed by the General Editors for this series.  Please note that publishers independently accept or reject books.  If you publish with any of the below, this does not mean that your REBT-oriented book will be part of The Albert Ellis Tribute Series.  (We anticipate adding to the list of publishers who are receptive to publishing and promoting REBT oriented books.)

  •  IMPACT Publishers. P.O. Box 6016 Atascadero, California  93423 – 6016. Phone: (805) 466-5917. Email:
  • New Harbinger.  5674 Shattuck Avenue Oakland, CA 94609. Phone: 800-748-6273.
  • Prometheus Press 59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, New York, 14228-2197. For manuscript submissions inquire by email:
  • Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group). 8th Floor, 711 3rd Avenue. New York, NY 10017. Phone: 212- 216-7800.

The General Editors of The Albert Ellis Tribute Series are responsible for reviewing and endorsing books for this series.  If you have a book to write, or a book you want reviewed for this series, start this process by writing the webmaster at

Psychology Today

Albert Ellis and the cognitive therapy revolution. Dr. Bill Knaus has assembled a panel of esteemed guest bloggers for Psychology Today to pay tribute to Ellis.  Read the articles.

Albert Ellis Tribute Series Charter Books

Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America’s #1 Fear. Mick Berry and Michael Edelstein PhD. 2009.  Tucson AZ: See Sharp Press.

 Forty interviews with some of the most highly-accomplished public figures shed light on the range of this common human affliction. Some of the most experienced and well-known stage and screen personalities suffer from this dread.   Berry and Edelstein show how to use REBT to overcome stage fright. A must read for anyone who is serious about overcoming public speaking anxiety. See Stage Fright Albert Ellis Revisited Jon Carlson Psy.D., Ed.D. and Bill Knaus Ed.D. 2013.  New York. Routledge.

Divided into three sections (theory, practice, and special issues) this 20-chapter book of readings covers Albert Ellis’ writings from the beginning to the end of his career. Twenty of Al’s friends and valued colleagues introduce Al’s articles with a commentary showing the timeless relevance of Ellis’ innovative and incisive thinking. Albert Ellis Revisited has commentaries by all four former directors of post-graduate REBT training in REBT. This is a must read for anyone interested in the REBT system.

Critical Thinking Unleashed.  Elliot D. Cohen Ph.D.  2009. Lanham, Maryland:  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

 Critical Thinking Unleashed shows how to overcome destructive human tendencies and live a meaningful and productive life.  Learn to rid yourself of needless turmoil and despair by putting reasoning skills to work that Elliot Cohen describes for you.  A must read for anyone who wants to end needless stress. See Critical Thinking Unleased

The Dutiful Worrier. Elliot Cohen, Ph.D.  2011.  Oakland California: New Harbinger

This book is for those who are swirling in a world of worry and who want to break free from recycling endless future fears, most of which never come to pass. By pitting rational thinking against worry thinking any reader can learn to substitute legitimate concern for fruitless worry, feel better and live life better.  A must read for anyone who suffers from general anxiety, See The Dutiful Worrier

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression (Second Edition). Bill Knaus Ed.D. 2012. Oakland California: New Harbinger.

Dr. Bill Knaus figuratively shows you how to go to war against depression using cognitive, emotive, and behavioral methods. This book chuck full of innovative approaches. This referenced self-help workbook draws from the scientific literature of what works in combatting depression.  It has 25 special tips on how to overcome depression from top depression experts. Albert Ellis wrote the forward, and this may be the last one that he wrote. A must read for anyone who wants to use a psychological approach to halt depression in its tracks and stop it from coming back.  See The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression (Second Edition)

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety: A step by step program.  Bill Knaus, Ed.D.  2008. Oakland California: New Harbinger.

Learn to rid yourself of your parasitic anxieties and fears using powerful REBT and CBT therapy methods.  Recognize your anxiety triggers, develop skills to stop anxious thoughts before they get out of control, and stop your needless fears from coming back.  A must read for those who believe that if they had the tools to overcome their anxieties and fears, they’d use them.  See The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety

End Procrastination Now. Bill Knaus Ed.D.  2010. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Combat procrastination with a three-pronged cognitive, emotive, and behavioral approach.   Go on the offense against procrastination by executing seven powerful principles. Use five phases of change to consolidate and solidify your gains.  Get started. Follow through.   Finally take charge of your time and your life.  A must read for anyone who  feel weighted down by many things left undone and burdened from needless delaying. To substitute productivity for procrastination, see End Procrastination Now

Fearless Job Hunting.  Bill Knaus Ed.D. , Sam Klarreich Ph.D. , Russell Grieger, Ph.D.  and Nancy Knaus, Ph.D. MBA. 2010. Oakland California: New Harbinger.

Don’t get sidetracked from finding a dream job.  Learn to get past emotional barriers, find a career that matches your abilities and interests, use motivational techniques to mobilize yourself, learn proven and innovative job search strategies, and close the deal using the highly effective communication skills that you’ll find in this book.  This timeless resource is a must read for any job searcher who looks for work in either a down or an up job market. See Fearless Job Hunting


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