NPCA Founder Part of First Philosophical Practice Workshop in Mainland China in History

This 3-day workshop — the first philosophical practice workshop in history on mainland China — was initiated and hosted by the Beijing Cultural Development Research Institute of Beijing Normal University.  Four speakers from across the globe were invited to discuss the path and method of saving lives with philosophy, including founder and executive director of NPCA, Elliot D. Cohen.

Workshop Origin and Benefit

Human beings encounter a variety of challenges, both psychological and spiritual in nature.  In order to address these problems, a variety of practical counseling and treatment methods have been developed, philosophical counseling being among those.

As a treatment, philosophy consultation began in Europe in the 1980s and began to develop in North America in the 1990s. In recent years, it has been successfully promoted and applied in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Philosophical counseling is a kind of consulting activity that helps to address problems (for individuals and organizations) through philosophical theory and methods.  It essentially takes philosophy “out of the ivory tower” and stations it as the guiding light of life.

Training objectives

The philosophical practice workshop objectives included helping individuals:

  1. Understand philosophical consulting as an application of philosophy that can help others and solve problems

  2. Master the concepts and methods of philosophical consultation popular in Europe and America

  3. Clarify the procedures and methods of operation required for philosophical consultation

  4. Discuss the similarities and differences between philosophical consultation and psychological counseling

  5. Understand the platform and business opportunities for philosophical consultation in Asia

Presentations by World-Class Philosophical Consultants

This workshop featured presentations by world-class philosophical consultants from Canada, the United States, and Taiwan  with translations on site.  Dr. Lin Zhiguang, a Hong Kong Philosophical Consultant, served as a counselor.

Invited speakers included Professors Stephen Lin, Elliot D. Cohen, Bernard Li, and Peter Raabe who spoke about introductory logic-based therapy & consultation, the theory and practice of logic-based theory and consultation, a survey of the major eastern & western philosophical counseling methods, and philosophy as talk therapy, respectively.